Implementation with Home Assistant



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    Bump. And agreed.

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    I also suggested something like this to Knocki.

    I feel like implementing Home Assistant and/or Local API is a necessary way to keep the project alive. Not only that but it allows for far more integrations then it's currently possible. People can get more creative with the use case for Knocki.

    They should really consider...just in case the company goes bankrupt and shuts the servers down some day. It would be a shame to have this device become a paperweight later down the line when things go south. Plus this would help keep their server usage lower.

    This feature could also attract more buyers who generally avoid buying anything cloud related. There are a good amount of smart home enthusiast who just prefer to have everything locally.

    And of course less latency....

    Please consider adding this feature. It's a necessary step forward to keeping this amazing project of yours alive.

    To infinity and beyond...with Home Assistant.

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